So we flew to Charlotte last Thursday, a little over a week ago.  The whole flight down, interview, and flight back seem to have been for the purposes of checking us out visually, seeing if we could make it to an appointment on time, and, perhaps, scaring us off.  She spent most of our time there telling us how hard the job is, but it doesn’t sound like anything we won’t handle easily. She also looked into our first choices – the Canadian locations – but the Canadian district manager confirmed during the interview that there were no openings in coastal Canada…period.  So we talked about openings in the eastern district, hoping for something north.  She checked her files and told us that the two openings in the northeast were Troy, NY, and Groton, CT. Troy’s not on the water. We said we’d like Groton. Of course, the word itself is horrible.  Grotty old thing.  We’ve decided to take the boat to New London and call that home port for now.  So much better.  We can’t live in a place called Groton.  Remember – that’s the forgotten place! We flew back to Portland, bemused by the experience but still willing.  She – the recruiter – said that the next step was a Skype interview with the regional manager.  She called the next morning and asked if we could do the interview later that day (Friday).  Though we were sailing back to the Eastern Promenade anchorage from South Portland’s Knightville Landing, we agreed and set the interview for 5pm.  We were settled and fed by that time, and naked from the waist down in anticipation of our Skype interview. The regional manager had a bunch of technical issues with his computers and couldn’t make the Skype thing happen.  There we were,[…]

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