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On Dena’s birthday, as mentioned in one of our last posts, we went to the Herreshoff marine museum in Bristol, RI, to discover what all hub-bub was really about. Now, I grew up helping my dad re-build an incredible early 20th century Nat Herreshoff 63. A 63 foot (on deck) schooner rigged sailboat that my dad rebuilt from the keel up over a 7 year period of time. If I wanted to spend any time with the man over those 7 years that is what I had to do. I had to get into scraping and sanding and painting all that crap that a 12 to 19 year old young man could otherwise give a shit about. At the time the only thing I learned how to do was resent the fact that I wasn’t getting laid or drunk with my friends while my dad reveled in the genius of the designer. Anyway, my dad finished his boat and went sailing for 8 years after he launched her in 1983 and, with the exception of one long summer aboard re-learning how to resent the whole lifestyle, I all but forgot how to sail and live the life of an itinerant vagabond until I met Dena and bought our first boat in 1999. 13 years after we set sail aboard our Sovereign Nation Dena and I found ourselves at the Herreshoff Museum, of course reveling in the genius of Nathanial Herreshoff. While in the museum we discovered a beautiful 31 foot wooden sailboat called S/V Torch designed and built by “The Wizard of Bristol” himself. This boat was so memorable because it was a foot shorter than our boat but she seemed to be vast in comparison on the inside. She was so brilliantly laid out that we just sat there[…]

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