Adventure’s End?

October 25th marked the completion of our 17th year together.  We celebrated in high style – our version. We got underway from Cold Spring Harbor bright and early, heading around the rocks off Center Island, along the blunt point, down Hempstead Bay to Glen Cove. Once again, we were doing some heavy beating with a foul current for most of the trip.  When we turned down the bay, though, we caught the fair current, broad reaching in 20 knots of wind, with the swell on our quarter.  Fast. We didn’t make arrangements ahead of time, because of our allergy to firm planning, but it’s just not that hard to get into a marina in late October.  To our disappointment, the Brewer juggernaut has taken over every single marina in Glen Cove – not a single independent left.  Sigh.  Oh, well – we’ll feed the devil this once. So we pulled in (minor clusterfuck – the office drone told us we’d be port side to, so we put our mooring lines and fenders on the port side, then she waved us in on a starboard side slip and said oops, which necessitated some last minute scrambling to get lines on the correct side).  We did a washdown of the boat and then of ourselves (the first in the six days since using Mom’s hotel room shower in New Haven). We walked up to Sea Cliff, where the Metropolitan Bistro was just opening up.  Almost three hours later, we left replete with wonderful conversation, loving each other more than ever, well fed and well lubricated.  The waitress gave us the poached pear on the house – it was divine.  It was perfectly us on our day – a long walk after a lot of sailing, holding hands and wandering into the unknown[…]

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