Jackson Heights Farmer’s Market

I started a new job on Sunday. It was a miserable day.  It never hit 30 degrees F, the wind was gusting to 40 mph, and the sun was reluctant to show its face. On the other hand – I was working a booth at a farmer’s market! I think that’s a pretty fucking cool thing to do, in general.  A friend made on the boat this summer, Natalie, has worked for the Monkshood Nursery for a while.  Summers are pretty great, I gather.  Winter in Travers Park is harder. The nursery does certified organic greens and more.  Lots of booths have carrots and roots and such, but we’re the place to come for spinach, arugula, mustard greens, and other salad greens. It’s a good position to be in.  Cash money each Sunday, any leftover produce I want, and the ability to trade what I don’t want for bread, cheese, other produce, fruit, honey, syrup, etc, etc. On the other hand, it was so, so cold. How does one prepare for 8 hours in the bitter, windy cold?  This one layers up.  On top – smart wool base, cotton turtleneck, heavy wool sweater, button-down heavy cotton shirt, hoodie, and foul weather coat.  On bottom, smart wool long johns, fleece mid-layer, and jeans.  Plus both cotton and wool socks inside my heavy leather boots.  Oh, and a wool hat and ear muffs and “windproof” gloves. How does such preparation pay off? Pretty well, actually. Natalie was far colder than I was.  My nose and chin got stiff at times, in that way that affects your speech.  We danced and jumped up and down.  I did the twist.  She rocked out.  I stayed on my feet and kept moving.  She wrapped up in a blanket and shut down some. Overall, it was[…]

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