The Treasure

I ride this through this to get to this… It’s late but not too late so I sit and wait for my train, the WTC from Grove St. It’s a 10 minute wait. An older gentleman sits down close to me on the next row of seats to my left. I’m staring at the flat-screen-of-fluff above my head experimenting with rudimentary mental time relativity, failing. The Weather Forecast, Local Headlines, Horoscope, Hollywood News… “Hello,” He says. He’s got 4 minutes to make the pitch, I smile. “I am an artist.” He tares off the sketch of me that he had just made and hands it to me… It’s not bad. “Do you know Pablo Picasso?” I know of him, of course. “Chagal, I studied with Chagal! ” Excellent! “Today is my birthday and I want to give you this treasure.” I smile and begin to dash his efforts with a slow, gentle negative shake of my head handing the treasure back. “No this is for you on my 77th birthday, it is very valuable and you must keep it!” I take the drawing back. He then pulls out his 5×7 pocket portfolio and shows me his work. It’s good, ok, it’s great and he has 3 minutes before my train gets here. I’m guessing he’s from the Czech Republic… The work is impressionistic invoking images of starry nights and lonely bridges. The train is slightly early, I can hear it pulling into the station as the people around me begin to gravitate to the track. I roll the treasure up in a tight cone and shake his hand. He has a firm handshake and I tower over him as I get up. Happy birthday, I say “You are a big strong young man,” he says. I am 50 in two weeks.[…]

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