3 weeks! …Not bad for free digs within rock throwing distance of the City. The routine went like this… I’d get up around 4:00pm, do the coffee thing and if the weather was shitty, which it was most of the time, I’d get geared up and go out on deck to check the ground tackle, foredeck, midships, cockpit, fantail, wind generator, and standing rig … Check! Back on the hook and off the grid, that is the way this boat performs best. And let me tell you, it’s incredible to experience so viscerally the fruits of your labors. And let me tell you about those labors… …I’d feed myself next, read some and then Dena would text around 6:30 or so to let me know that she was going down into the PATH station from midtown Manhattan, Grove Street bound. She’d text me again at the Grove Street station, I’d wait about 10 minutes then jump in the little boat and row in to the public dock to meet. A couple of times over the past few weeks I managed to hit it perfectly where Dena would be riding up just as I’d be rowing into the dock. that was definitely cool, it felt like we were making this thing, this Cryptozoic, thing look easy. …She’d jump in the boat and depending on a combination of, her level of retail-exhaustion, wind direction and of course, velocity, she’d either row back to the boat, or not. We’d chill out, she’d decompress and I’d ready myself for another night of graveyard-wage slavery in TriBeca. In the morning after my servitude-to-capitalism I’d work out, steam, shower, jump on a train and then ride back to the anchorage where I’d find the little boat locked up to the dock where Dena had left it[…]

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