…To a job well done!

The organic manipulation of the toe rail project is done for the winter! We burned, epoxy-coated, scraped, sanded, rubbed, brushed and stuffed all the man-made organic chemistry we could into/onto/throughout our 53 year old toe rails and it worked, they look great! …And they’re tough as, well, epoxy-coated, painted, 53 year old teak can be. Over the next few days we’ll put the hardware back on it such as the roller furling rig, the Genoa track and the wind generator tie-downs. This time we’ll be adding some stainless rub-rails at all the fender points to prolong the life of the coated wood. This, this life, this partnership, this project, this boat, it’s the only work worth doing and we’re doing it right. …Next!  

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