Filling the Gaps

It’s fair to say we’ve been hibernating.  Winter hit hard and late, then left reluctantly. There’s not much desire to look back this far, so just one more.  I can’t resist this image. We haven’t stayed home the whole time.  James’ birthday, for example. We went to Maine, trying to book slideshows and storytelling extravaganzas.  Slow going at that, though lots of positive response.  We loved Maine. Here’s the Sheepscot River. And we found a cute little town between MA and Portland that knows what low tide means.  Name that town. Also, my book is in the Harvard Book Store.  Check me out.  This is a two-parter – outside and in. Okay, one last snow pic, just because it was so great to see the snow start melting. What’s that growing out of my head?  Is it a thought-bubble?  No… Bonus pics: I’m always looking for the perfect compass rose for a tattoo.  I’ve found some stellar examples of the art, but the next issue is this: where will my skin stay put well enough that a geometrically precise image won’t stretch and skew?   Next, the last few days of newness.

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