Portland to P-Town

I (James) really do have to admit that after two weeks of living under the highway, …in the flight path, and next to the construction site, it was a stretch, even for me, to say we were enjoying our million dollar view. There was that really cool Peregrine Falcon that lived under the bridge that had the coolest screech! …And Chief, the bent ear’d guard-dog! …And all the cool folks that we partied with the night of the Lunar eclipse, but by the time we got underway we were (once again) done with Portland, ME! Don’t get me wrong. We made some great connections and I’d even say some lasting relationships but two weeks is a real stretch for us. We had to get underway! We didn’t plan on staying even two days but right after we tied up to the South Portland free-dock we started getting reports of fierce weather coming our way. A weak low pressure zone built up way down in the Caribe while a strong Nor’Easter hammered down from Greenland. That week low pressure built up to Hurricane Joaquin and that Nor’Easter reminded us what that actually meant, holy shit, that’s why people fear these things! That free dock pounded and squealed for three days after the eclipse and the big seas didn’t get below 10 feet until the morning we left Portland. The seas that Joaquin left behind were still pretty big (in the 7 to 10 foot range) but the winds had died down quite a bit, meaning, it was time to put a serious charge back on our greatly depleted battery bank. Being under that bridge only gave us about two good hours of sun a day and that was when the sun was actually shining, which was rare. Anyway, we needed the[…]

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