Onset to New London

Onset, Massachusetts is a great place to shag a ball in the depths of fall. The winds have been so mighty and fluky that we really did have to tuck back into Onset harbor for a few days to shake off the Cape Cad adventure, meaning, rest up, fuel up, provision up and fix up. We’ve been keeping a watchful eye on our water pump for the past couple of months so we decided to stop the guessing game and just tear into in and see for ourselves if the impeller was holding the way it’s supposed to. We also tuned the rig as best we could without disassembling the roller furler. One of the more nerve-wracking thoughts a sailor may fixate on is the possibility of losing the mast. Actually, that makes it sound easy. Oops, I lost my mast! Oh, I found it! But no, if the mast goes, it’s catastrophic. In the moment, high tension steel cables whip around while a large mass does something unexpected. Later…well, let’s just say there’s no more sailing. After that we set off once again down Buzzards Bay. The day was promising 10 to 15 knots of steady westerlies increasing to gusts of 20 by the early afternoon so the decision to get underway early with the outgoing tide and freshening breeze was an easy one, and wow what a sleigh ride. The currents coming out of the canal shot us down the bay for the first third of our day’s adventure. Double reefed on the main with no jib help whatsoever and still making 7 knots but as the wind clocked around and the current slacked a bit the wind and waves were contrary enough to inspire a little engine help for the next third. Once we rounded up on[…]

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