Hook down, Annapolis

Hi, remember us? We’re the crazy boat couple that set off about 17 years ago on an adventure of discovery around the world in 80 years! Well, we tried to find employment in North Carolina right before that state’s government embarrassed themselves by telling the world that they hate everybody that doesn’t fuck like they do and left there right after. We really didn’t like it there! The job market is employer driven which means that they can pay very little, charge more, and watch their profits rise (along with the cost of living). They don’t seem to care whether or not their workers can afford to be customers or even live nearby. Ultimately we sailed away, which is what we tried to convince everybody we met there to do… It didn’t work very well, again, we sailed off alone like we always do. After discovering that we didn’t want to pay a government to hate queer people, we went to work readying the boat for the long trip back north. After 11 months underway the boat was more than ready for some upgrades. First on the to-do list was the dingy, by far the most used piece of equipment we have. She has been beaten and hammered from one end of this coast to the other and it was high time we did a stem-to-stern rebuild. Before. The entire rub-rail was so beat up that, when we pulled the plastic off, the wood underneath just came apart. So we mixed up some epoxy and some fairing compound and fixed her up. After. This was a James-heavy project. Meanwhile, I (Dena) worked on the deck. Scraping and sanding, priming and painting all the spots that got worn or where the paint let go of the substrate. The chartplotter had been[…]

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