3,495 days later

We bought (and moved aboard) Nomad on February 9, 2009. We bought (and moved aboard) Cetacea on September 5, 2018…three thousand four hundred and ninety five days later. Watching Nomad ride to her temporary mooring (DrEd being back in Cali to caregive a surgered mother before taking her into her new life…the boat, not the mother) gave us a liminal period. Mourning, farewelling, learning, adapting to the new…whatever it consisted of, it was both important and finite. One bright fogless morning, we left Robinhood Cove aboard our new Baba 30, Cetacea. A boat that came with an inflatable dinghy and 4-stroke outboard motor, both of which we will store until they’re valuable again in the spring and then sell without a qualm. Git thee hence, Satan! Maine in September isn’t bitter-cold, but it’s cluing you in on the eventual plan. A gorgeous-easy sail down the Sheepscot took us back to Seguin Island, where we lastpartied with the S.V. Exit crew, now down near New York City for a stopover before the Chesapeake and then points southern. A good boat is good in the bad, too, and our first night out of our new boat’s homewaters was…not good. The swell broke over the rocks at the mooring pocket and then the wind turned yet farther north. Something on the bow keened and I (Dena) went out on deck in the moonlit middle of the night. The bridle the PO (previous owner) had created was fucking everything up, but when the bowsprit dove into the white water, I analyzed my chances and decided that not-sleeping for the noise was better than creating a weakness in the system, a system that didn’t need to include me. “Come back down to bed!” The next morning, we left at first light. James released the mooring[…]

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