The Shake Down

The shake-down cruise is a test and S/V S.N. Cetacea was working well. The electronics were brilliant and all of our recent upgrades were performing perfectly. And then… Look in the lower left corner of that image. The triangle shape in the water is an AIS signature – a boat approaching from behind. This is what a shake down looks like! We left the dock at DiMillo’s at about 15:30 pm and headed for Cliff Island so we’d have a nice straight line to the mouth of the Cape Cod Canal, a very ambitious goal. (Not that we have goals, or plans. Just…thoughts. Never itineraries!) The approaching attack-RIB gave us both a jolt of adrenaline–which is what being boarded is specifically designed to do! The first test is your reaction to the command, “Prepare to be boarded.” Since we’d just repacked the lazarettes, our safety gear was right at hand. A little adrenaline meant nothing but alertness, really. They asked if we could safely maintain our course and speed and I (Dena) replied, “For a while.” Just as we were getting used to the idea of being boarded, as we were turning to the job of adding lubricant to the situation…That’s when they announced the dog. A black Czech shepherd named Buddy was the first aboard. He nosed around and scrabbled(!) around the gel coat and wooden decks. He left hair everywhere and found nothing he’d been trained to alert for. I wonder what that list looks like. Buddy shoved his nose into our bed, our head, and our galley, and got a great big slobber mark on our brand new Simrad. He did not, however, scratch it with his nails. Good job, Buddy! Enough of Buddy. Needless to say, everything was fine. As you can see in the photo,[…]

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