Shook Down Hard

Portsmouth, NH, is more town and less rural zone than the Kittery side of the Piscataqua River. The Albacore submarine museum makes for an odd sight on the way to the city rec center (with hot tub, pool, sauna, and steam for $10 each as non-residents) and we got… …a ton of… …great photos of… …the boat from all angles as well as a bit of work done… …that is doing service on the preventer now. And it’s a good thing we had it. We took advantage of a slack tide around 3:30pm to get off the dock. It was both the beginning of the ebb and the time of least motion. This matters in the Piscataqua, because this is what it’s like at max ebb. The only fuel dock in the area that was open so early in the season was at a resort marina we ordinarily wouldn’t have thought of visiting. They didn’t open until 8:30am Monday morning and the ebb would have been nasty at that point, so we moved to the fuel dock Sunday afternoon instead. I guess it’s important to note that the fog was so thick that from the time we left downtown Portsmouth all the way to the fuel dock, about 6 miles away, we had about 30 to 300 feet of visibility. There were patches of clearing where we could see almost a quarter mile away, but it went to shit completely when we turned into Little Harbor. The staggered breakwalls each had markers that we didn’t see until we were almost on them. It was a dead calm but, by the time we got those 6 miles, the ebb was raging. That gave us plenty of helm control, which is good, but made the approach to the marina painfully slow. Once[…]

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