The Rarest Moments

We are traveling in the spring weather windows. Gloucester, you’re nice and all. Wow – this is a town that’s absolutely built by and for the working maritime community. Gotta go. We walked from East Gloucester to everything we needed. Laundry, groceries, an extraordinary breakfast that wasn’t quite for us. Liquor store, etc, etc. That town is built for people who want to do what we want to do. This trip, though, we wanted to get dry and warm. And we wanted to go. After all that fog, the crisp, brilliant light excited us. This was the day to make some serious distance. We went to turn the electronics on and the Simrad wouldn’t start. Dena said, “Do you feel good about going with phones?” I said, “And the Garmin.” She said, “Oh–does it work?” I tried it and yes, it does everything but the radar and it was a beautiful bright day. If you trust black box tech, you’re fucked in situations like this. We had a secondary system and a tertiary pair, the cell phones with nav apps, and we never did lose signal, all the way across Massachusetts Bay. We spent a shit-ton of money on a reliable system, but this is the second time we’ve had a chartplotter go out on us. We’re stacked up on redundancies, including the paper charts we mostly use in complicated waterways. Also, this is our territory. We’re cruising editors for the Waterway Guide and this is our designated territory. We’ve been through this place five time. We know this area. So yes. We went. And while it was an easy day to be on the water, there wasn’t much sailing to do. We had the main up all day, the staysail most of the time, and the yankee when it[…]

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