Healing all the way home

From Onset, we considered going to Newport, but the weather didn’t cooperate and we made a great short sailing day out of getting to New Bedford, Mass. Loop that for four hours and you’ll know how our day went. This town sits behind a hurricane wall with a movable gate that can close out some serious weather. Humans. We keep thinking we can be more powerful than the planet. hehehehe New Bedford is all about fishing but it used to be all about whaling. There’s no doubt whatsoever that we would have been struck by the braggadocio in the way this town displays its whaling history, but to arrive only days after our own magical whale experience…well, it was hard to shake off the horror. We never had been there before, though we’ve been through the area many times. It’s because of exactly what we found, which is similar in some ways to the way the historical plantations of this country honor the slaveholding era (contrary to how Germany treats important sites from the Holocaust). Just as plantations seem to glorify the lives of white slaveholders, the interpretive signs and displays in New Bedford aren’t reckoning with the terrible repercussions of this historical time of brutal butchery and, yes, general ignorance. Even some of the products of this industry were horrible – whale-bone corset frames and whips were made with the baleen of the glorious animal we saw outside the Cape Code Canal, placidly filtering copopods from the ocean water. Torture made from torture. So we focused on ourselves and on our other reason for stopping. After a 2-hour marathon session of tech support, being dropped while being transferred, and then getting the right person on the phone, Navico (maker of our Simrad NSS, just installed) agreed to next day[…]

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