Flipper Abaft

So we’re here in 3Mile Harbor, Springs, Long Island, New York anchored in 8 feet of muddy sand. We’ve settled into our lives the best we can and have come to truly appreciate our time at anchor alone. Getting a visit from Dena’s dad, Dean, was the perfect reason to go for a sail, except we didn’t get any real wind. We figured out what’s wrong with the world and discussed our various ways of fixing it. Recounting old stories and new (Dad’s got a new thing as a city council member and a girlfriend he’s quite taken with), we really did very little that’s easy to encapsulate. It was good to be together. Other than that? Talking about the job, the wage slave gig, the daily grind is not only a waste of time. It’s as meaningless as all work that we do for other people. What is not meaningless to us is chipping away at our projects list! This weekend is the first weekend for us since we started these jobs that is truly a projects weekend. We installed a fan forward in the V-berth! We put the new fan on the mounting platform that used to have a stupid LED light on it. I call the light stupid because there are two of them and they are aft of the bunk facing forward, meaning, they point directly into your eyes when your head is in the bunk. We need lights where we lay our heads, not at our feet! When I pulled the old light off I realized that the base was covering a nasty hole. So I took one of the wooden drink coasters that I got Dena for her birthday last year and repurposed it as a backing plate for the new fan. It was[…]

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