We’re Underway!

Dena got back from Oklahoma on Sunday, and we went to work on Monday and Tuesday. We woke up on Wednesday and went for a nice long bike ride into East Hampton. On the way there I (James) snapped. We stopped right in front of the “totally awesome” fruit stand, home of the $23 buck 2 oz salad, and I just yelled, “We have to get out of this fucking place!” James had no idea of what I (Dena) had been thinking, but it was pretty much exactly that. After 10 days with my mom in ICU, after taking turns with Gary sleeping in a chair right beside the bed because she got so upset when she couldn’t wake us from the couch 5 feet away, after the ignominy that is modern air travel…coming back to Three Mile Harbor just to hate our jobs 20 hours a day? No. Dena pulled up next to me (James) and made the reality of what I’d just said stick. “To make that work, we’re not going to see Tarantino’s new picture. We’re going on a provisioning run/bike drop with an Ub return back to the dinghy. Then we ready the boat and sail away from all, um, this?” I (Dena) didn’t mean to make it sound like a question, but this is as quickly as we’ve ever even considered bouncing out of a situation. …yes. “Let’s do this thing.” …And that took all day, because it also included gathering all of our uniform shirts, hoodies, and fleeces, adding keys to the bags, and dropping the whole mess at the shop at Three Mile Harbor Marina. Back at the dinghy, we stripped “our” slip, which we had despised, of lines, electrical cable, water hose. We woke up the next morning like we’d been underway[…]

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