The Plan

New London was a lesson in the reconstitution of our lives, breaking us down to life’s constituent parts once again. Walking, seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing and smelling everything as completely divergent from everything else in the universe, moving toward entropy, willingly. But then a plan hatched on an epic walk to rediscover southern New England on foot. A real plan…a plan of action, a plan of pro-active profound life change. …We’re going back to India to finish our co-written manuscript! This incredibly exciting and momentous decision was taken quickly, but we won’t leave for almost a month. Sure, there are plans to be made, but we also need to meet the Prakash family in NYC! But first we had to get some fresh water on our hull. We’d been anchored in the same place for a little over a month, without picking up and going sailing even once since Dean went back to Moses Lake. The 3 Mile bio-hitchhikers were a little more tenacious than the sail to the Thames could clear away so we still had some growth to contend with. The absolute best way to slough off salt-water growth is a good clean, fresh-water swimming hole, just like the one in Hamburg Cove, up the Connecticut River in Lyme, CT. We reached the Connecticut River entrance channel in a quiet moment, right after a stream of boats exited. We waited until after the weekend, so the boater playgrounds were emptying. And though the currents swept us swiftly along, we enjoyed the tree-lined river. Now, if you know us at all you know that we like to go nice and slow. To really let the local fishies do the job of scrubbing our hull for us, we first need to dedicate at least 24 hours of fresh water to[…]

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