Sometimes our world changes so fast! We left India when Wuhan was a whisper, we left Sallisaw as the coronavirus was an interesting topic and we returned to Covid-19. Oklahoma welcomed us back to a beautiful spring. The dogs were let out of the house, the cats started collecting and distributing dead-gifts and the mercury skyrocketed. I (James, with Bonny, below) cleaned the shop, organized the tools and trimmed the cedar in front of the house. …then Dena and I went shopping for a power washer. We found a good one at one place, found a better one at a better deal at another place, tossed that sucker in the back, got home, and went to work on the front of Dena’s mom’s house. We got to hang out with both sides of (Dena’s) fam and we got to earn our keep in both Sallisaw and Moses Lake. We both felt great about that. The round trip from Oklahoma to Washington State and back was accomplished solely on Blue Highways. We eschewed interstate freeways altogether, and it gave us a humbling and fascinating view of the American West. Boy that sucker is huge! On the way from Oklahoma to Maryland and thence to Rhode Island, we compromised. The long, long distances between small towns were not to be found, so the 55 to 45 to 35 to 45 to 55 routine got old pretty quick. Not, however, before we drove through Beebe, Arkansas, one of my (Dena’s) childhood homes. I had some good times in that barn! OK to AR to TN to VA… We pushed our bodies to the rental-car limit to put this part of the adventure to bed… …So, we went for a stroll in a Virginia forest to shake off the road. The mixed highway-freeway thing[…]

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