Another boom rebuild

There was a mutual, audible gulp between us when we saw that future storm bearing down on us from all our media sources. It sucked! Some said 50 knot gusts with sustained 30 knot blasts throughout the day. We trust our ground tackle and our skills at anchoring but who wants to put themselves through a New England wind storm at anchor if you have choices? Nobody, right! So we decided to pull into a marina, get some hot showers, do some laundry and of course rebuild the in-boom reefing system for our new mainsail. Backing up. On our way back from Oklahoma, we stopped in Annapolis, Maryland, to pick up the mainsail that we had built by Bacon Sails last year. We installed the sail just after we’d splashed the boat while at the dock in Wharf Marina. …a near perfect fit! We didn’t want to hang out in a marina any longer than we had to after launching the boat. We wanted to finish all of our recommissioning projects in our natural environment. Not only is it free, anchoring puts us where we want to be, on the water where we belong. But 6 days later when we saw the storm rolling in we figured we’d go in and take advantage of some dock space to rebuild all the internal systems on the boom, before the storm hit if possible. The boom is a very intelligent system. It has two sheaves and cam cleats on the forward end and two sheaves aft for running the reef lines inside the protection of the aluminum boom. It also has a block-n-tackle rig with a 3:1 purchase inside the boom for the clew outhaul. The problem with smart systems of course is: the operator must be smarter than the system operated.[…]

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