A Mass Bay

Back in truly familiar waters, the sail from Onset to Plymouth totally rocked. With the usual on-again-off-again sailing through the Bay we blazed in under main alone, you know, like we do. Starting the ride on a screaming fair current, the Cape Cod Canal spit us east into the bay with the same name only an hour and a half later. I (James) had almost forgotten how slick it is to max out the days at 6 hours. I mean, sailing in the world’s ocean on long offshore overnight adventures is cool and all but a true gunkhole-cruiser has coffee in the morning, waits out the foul current, adventures for a few hours, makes their two hour approach, puts the hook down and pours the rum. We have done quite a bit of both kinds of sailing this year and I have to admit, I like a short day. Coastal cruising can be a lot of fun because you get to see so many estuaries, river bars and anchorages along the way but it can also be kind of a drag for the same reasons. Dedicating four hours to going into and coming back out of a place like Plymouth, Mass, can be a long and arduous task if all you want to do is get from point-A to point-B, like say New York to Boston. Gunkholing a run like that takes patience and abilities that you don’t exercise going offshore. The next day we sailed out early until the winds completely died so we motored on into Hull, Mass, for another weekend hideout in the middle of everything! A “special anchorage” is a designated area where you don’t have to show an anchor light or dayshape. They are primarily filled with moorings at this point in history, so we[…]

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