We showed up at 0630 on day three and dove into the project like a couple of giddy school kids. In our recap of the mast project the night before we both decided we were going to take our time on day three. Really dig in and get everything done to perfection. Take lots of pictures relax and enjoy ourselves. I (Dena) told my dad that we had about a half-day’s work left and a full day to do it in. Luxurious. …this was not to be! The grumpy old dude in the green golf cart pulled up a little after we got our work site in order and asked if we were ready to put the mast back in the boat. We told him we were not quite done with the project but we’d be fully ready by the next morning. He said “no”. We said “no what?” “No, your mast has to go back in right now, where’s your boat? You said it would only take a day or two, it’s been three days!” No, it hadn’t and no, we didn’t. I (James) reminded him that we said it was a project of discovery and if we discovered any big issues it could take up to a week. I tried to continue by telling him about our roller furling discoveries and repairs but he cut me off, said I’d never said a week and we were in the way of his fuel delivery. I looked at the guy standing next to him and he appeared to be completely embarrassed. Just before I asked him if he was calling me a liar to my face and brought the whole stupid situation to a new level of regret, Dena jumped in and asked how long we had. What was the[…]

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