A way back…way back.

We stayed on Block Island for an (I [James]don’t give a fuck) amount of time and ultimately set our sights for that down-eastern reach we were just fantasizing about. We set the main after re-calibrating our heading sensor (just another of the not-dialed-in systems that turned us back), jibed once and broad-reached all the way to Cuttyhunk of the Elizabeth Islands chain in the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the mostly disunited states of America. Along the way, Earther Author Dena Hankins set up the Lovebot and taught S/V S.N. Cetacea how to drive herself all the way to an anchorage at an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was the (no really!) quintessential sailing experience…it was what we have been working towards since we left the City of Sin at the end of May. It was incredible! …But it was broad reaching in 10-to-14kts with gusts to (maybe) 18. In other words, our modus operandi (add laughing emoji here if you must)! It was that perfect downeast sail from island to island that brings so many cruising sailors to this part of the North American continent every freak’n summer! Of course the (not really an) anchorage inside Cuttyhunk Harbor was full of AIS signatures and the little grass-hole just outside of the channel was full of short-scopers so we anchored a little northwest of Pease Ledge in slightly deeper water. It (most definitely) was a perfect night at anchor and we woke with a smile. The tide wasn’t due to turn around at the mouth of Buzzards Bay until 1500 so we came alive with the Earth at the Earth’s pace. Science tells us our planet hurtles in circles at 460 meters per hour which seems pretty fast from a leisurely breakfast offshore-ish. And then this[…]

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