To Bermuda, Day 6

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 6 – 47 NM 7/2 James’ 12:30-1 pm watch When noon came around, a tanker was passing us less than a mile away. Safe enough but what’s up with all the traffic? Worlds away from seeing only 4 vessels in 20 days on our way to Hawaii. …but, they do seem to be thinning out a bit. Dena’s 3-4 pm watch 3:55 pm: The water is sapphire quicksilver, undappled by the slightest breeze. Has been since before noon. We’re barely motoring a knot to conserve power, just making enough way to have helm. The beauty around us is outsized, our empty horizon implying the whole rest of the World Ocean. Our slow-rolling propeller and whale-family hull barely change the epic wrinkles passing through the water, through us. We leave behind a pacifist’s roil and ripples that disappear as though glad to become part of the larger energy.  We made water for an hour today to keep the membranes fresh. We’re a bit low in both house banks, so we can cross-connected the propulsion pack as well. Boom! It ate 2% of the propulsion pack but boosted the house banks several. James’ 4-5 pm watch: The Free Ride…motorsailing on glass making enough power to motorsail on glass… Waiting for the Earth to forgive us with her winds. 4:05 pm: She came through once again. Dena’s 7-8 pm watch 7:55 pm: Sailing! James got the beginning of it on his 6-7 shift. I shook the first reef and put the staysail out. I want to leverage the wind a little more thoroughly if we’re only going to have it between 7 pm and 5 am!  For most of the time the motor was engaged, we offset the power draw with solar to one degree or another. A[…]

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