To Bermuda, Day 11

S/V SN-E Cetacea Log Day 11 – 83.2 NM 7/7/2023 Dena’s 2-3 pm watch 2:14 pm Two rounds of rain and I gave up on the kurta and churidar pants I was wearing. They’re draped on the lifelines (thanks, James!) to dry and I’m in bathing trunks and my adventurer’s long-sleeved button down. I do appreciate skyshowering, though! The afternoon calm has descended. We have to make water, so we are. It’s reasonably sunny for a rainy day and power is less of a problem because we aren’t keeping the chartplotter running all the time. I hope we can again soon…I really like having that information at my fingertips. We did the whole trip to Hawaii without second by second info. We turned the gps on every 4 hours and plotted that location on the paper chart. We corrected our heading based on how far off we’d gotten in the meantime. Now I’m used to constantly tuning the heading based on what the chartplotter says our course over the ground (COG) is. Saves a little wandering around but it can distract from just being here.  Speaking of, that’s what I am going to do right now. Be here. 2:41 pm We’d been marveling at how few bruises and such we’ve dealt ourselves on this trip so far. Yesterday was the end of that. I  bruised the ball of my foot somehow and banged my elbow in boring-story style. James has banged around more too. I don’t know if it’s us getting slack because we’re too tired or too comfortable, or if it’s the extra swell that’s running at an awkward angle. I imagine the answer is “yes”. James’ 7-8 pm There’s an intensity to the sky that we haven’t noticed before on this trip…it’s not breaking up like the other[…]

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