To Azores Day 5

Saturday, July 29 James’ 12:00-12:30 pm watch: Dena and I talked about people of color in our writing. James’ 1-4pm watch: I managed to get her nice and balanced on a straight downwind run by over-compensating Lovebot’s angle to windward and Cetacea’s rudder to lee…we’re clipping along at 4.5-5 knots. I can’t complain! Damn!!! I put a hole in the luff of the mainsail shaking that last reef out…keep an eye on that. James’ 5-6 pm watch 5:22 pm: People say pics or it doesn’t count. I (Dena) think pics means you didn’t see it. Only true for some kinds of experiences, I know. Some things hold still for a long time or repeat. Maybe you watched for a while. The Taj Mahal photo James shot is gorgeous and should in no way be taken to mean that he didn’t also just gaze at that with his full focus. But in this watery realm, only the sky moves that slowly and even there, there’s lightning and birds. All that to say no, I didn’t get a picture. Here’s what I have. After three hours of a long off-watch, I took over from James with my head still in a whirl. I forgot that I’d created some people with character. Also at least one caricature that I’m going to have to work on. I’m cautiously pleased to be picking up a manuscript I started years ago for a storyline that won’t leave me alone. I sat in the cockpit and checked our course on the chartplotter, confirmed that there were no large ships dying to run us down, and shut that shit down. A brace of minutes with my eyes on the waves and the whirl in my brain slowed. And then a set of waves with an especially ornate set[…]

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