To Azores Day 15

Tuesday August 8 Day 15 to the Azores and I’m (James) sad that I’m so incapacitated that I can’t even cook…the seas are still huge from yesterday’s gales and it seems we have another set bearing down on us from the NW now. I tried to cook and got thrown out of the galley by a wave. I truly hate this galley. This morning’s sunshine did dry some things out but we have a long way to go and not many dry things left. We past 1000nm last night in the storm…there’s no celebrating any of this for me right now. James’ 5-6 pm watch It’s getting nicer still and the waves are mild enough to bring them around towards the bow so we can broad reach. The wind is gentle enough to fly the single-reefed main and full yankee. It’s a terrific relief, but the real peace of mind came from fixing Lovebot’s chafing control line this morning. It had eaten through the cover of the double braid line and I (Dena) was worried it would chafe through the core before the waves got easier to work around. Nope. Fixed with very little effort compared to how hard I worked worrying about it. Dena’s 8-9 pm watch 8:26 pm: We crossed the thousand nautical mile mark, hooray! Yesterday was the halfway point and today is the second time zone change. Just racking up those reasons to celebrate. I (Dena) made clam dip. It was good. The wind came up in the late afternoon and we were reaching under main and yankee. I felt lighter and easier, though it was a more exciting ride. I loved feeling like we were getting somewhere. First time on this trip I’ve felt like that. It probably has something to do with the frustration[…]

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