To Azores Day 18

Friday August 11 Day 18 with 666.0nm to Horta. Distance traveled: 1222.2nm We are sailing across the Atlantic flow of the Earth’s Ocean…it’s fucking cool as shit! The days are stacking up in my mind…I’m totally losing track of the names of the days…Monday is Thursday is Tuesday and on and on…time no longer is linear it also has these up and down elements and the tacks and gybes as well. We worked out the rules for rummy and played for a couple hours. It’s nice to have something to do together! Reading and writing are fairly solitary, and cooking as well by necessity. Fun! Saturday August 12 Dena’s overnight watch Listening to Eno-produced meditation music is strange. He’s really good and sort of fundamentally pop, so I keep enjoying it and also wondering if this Laaraji, the person performing, is doing white-boy-newage or if it’s Eno’s influence that gives me that impression. Whatever. It’s great listening for coffee at dawn in the cockpit, 1300 or so nautical miles from our last landfall.

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