To Azores Day 21

Monday August 14 Day 21 to Horta which is 456.7nm away from us right now… 1435nm away from Bermuda. Crawling along at the pace the world around us decides our pace to be. We drag those imaginary knees over the waves of blue super-highways that never end…not even the horizon can stop them. They must want to go on forever… they certainly seem like the do… And now motor-sailing on glass in the middle of the Atlantic flow. The long overnight gave me an unobstructed and perfectly clear view of our local arm of the Milky Way galaxy from horizon to horizon. Not even a distance ship to pollute that light and it split the sky with the glow of a million, million suns. Tuesday August 15 James’ overnight watch 7:48 am: I’m (Dena) not sleeping quite as much as I was when we started this overnight watch thing. It still feels decadent to go to bed knowing that I won’t have to do anything else unless something out of ordinary happens.

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