To Azores Day 24

Thursday August 17 Day 24 starts at 244.9nm from Horta 1673.2nm from Bermuda. The sky is the clearest blues only the seas won’t give us a break…giant I’m IJames) finding it harder and harder to focus on anything…it almost seems as if my balance is shutting down…it isn’t of course but I am feeling the fatigue of this leg of the adventure. Lovebot has become almost useless on a port tack. We’ve been managing that tack by over balancing on everything…sails, control lines and cheating to lee at the tiller. It doesn’t work really, it just points the boat in a line. Really looking forward to rebuilding that machine with the utmost care. Well deserved after the beating we’ve given it the last year and some change. I still believe that’s testament to its design. Dena’s 1-4 pm watch 1:37 pm: We going downwind with just about half the staysail out. With the yankee, it was still holding too much air. When the northern swell…some big mean almost-breakers…would rise from nearly on our port beam, she’d trip on her keel and heave to starboard. The yankee would keep us heeled over too long, long enough to dunk the starboard rail in the upwind side of the wave, or for the next wave in the set to hit us on our exposed port side. Now we’re bobbing over them more upright. If it weren’t for the fact that those are the odd waves, coming only every few minutes or less, we could steer differently. We’re set up well for the real average waves, which are more west-southwesterly. James didn’t sleep well last night, but it’s probably for the best he’d rather nap than write. I didn’t risk my computer yesterday either, so these rough days have more than one negative effect.[…]

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