Cooking at sea

So yeah, wow, the Canaries! We got here and anchored off the island of Lanzarote on May 10th, got chased out of a marina for rowing, pulled up the hook two days later, went about a kilometer south, plopped the CQR in one place…baaaaad, the ferries were all over us like cops on a Dunk’n! We reset about 100 meters back north and we’ve been here ever since. Well you know us, we’re going around the world in the smallest electric sailboat in history but we’re not in any big hurry to get there…wherever there may be. We started provisioning for the next leg of the adventure as soon as we could get the dink off the bow and almost immediately ran out of cooking gas. We broke out the spare tank, hooked it up, and went to work on our new article for Practical Boat Owner magazine “How to Rebuild a Monitor Windvane Self Steering System While Underway.“ We got the article written and submitted. We then wrote a piece for Spinsheet on having been underway for a year with an electric motor. We scored an interview with the publisher Imray on writing a new Brazilian cruising guide, got the gig. Scored another handful of articles for Spinsheet (the Latitude 38 analog for the east coast of the US) and, all the while, we were cooking on the daily. When we show up in a place, we research the veggie or pesce food people are eating locally. We try to replicate at least one dish on the boat, just to see if we can add something to our cuisine that we can take with us. Just like any island chain, the Canary Islands have different cultures with different foods and beverages with each of the islands within that chain.[…]

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