The Fall

I’d love to be able to explain the full body feeling of falling into a bunk after three solid weeks of working on a tallship for no less than 12 hours each day, but I (James) can’t.  I just don’t have the words for what that feels like. Day in and day out, two sailing adventures a day with up to 50 people aboard, setting sail, setting up for dinner service, serving food, washing dishes, cleaning heads on my knees, mopping cabin soles on my knees, load and unload bilges on my knees, ow, my god damn knees! And of course there’s putting the boat to bed at the end of every day, every single day… Furling sail, washing deck mats, finding hidden improvised trash receptacles, and ultimately falling into a bunk that is not my own and makes my entire body ache all the time. Did I mention sailing? Hmm, I guess I didn’t. Sailing the Mystic Whaler is spectacular but even somebody like myself who totally loves sailing and all that it takes to make that happen at some point wears down. And this is how that happens… We lost two crew members in two weeks, leaving the two of us, Marie, and Pat to crew the boat, cook, clean, and make happy customers through storytelling.  We did a three day Whales Tales adventure to Shelter Island and Sag Harbor, followed by a day sail and a shit-faced drunk wedding that evening that went until 11:00pm that night, after which we got up at 6am the next day for a day sail followed by a lobster cruise with another day sail and lobster cruise the day after, and then we loaded up the boat for a five day sailing adventure to Martha’s Vineyard with another full weekend of[…]

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