We Quit Our Jobs!

Life on the Wanderer Ball was pretty exciting! Right after that last post, we went to a movie (can’t remember which, so now you know how good it was) and stopped by a WM customer’s boat to see his progress. The sky got awfully nervewracking, with a big parenthetical black streak too thick to be joking. (Wait – it was the Avengers. Yawn. No, it was great, really. Yawn.) We jumped on our bikes and beat the storm to the yacht club. We locked up and beat the storm down to the dock. We got in the dink and…didn’t beat the storm to the boat. Instead, we got mothball sized hail along with a deluge so intense that we had to bail at the same time I (James) rowed. Waddaya gonna do about the weatha? The best part? It kept raining. Curious why that was best? Well, we hadn’t had showers in, um…a few weeks, at least, and so we pulled the soap out and did a fresh-water shower right there in the cockpit. Naked tits and ass (but no cock) and then a brisk dryout below decks and all was right with the world. We rowed all over the Back River trying to find the best place to put the dink and discovered that every bit of the New England Coast from Cape Cod to Portland, Maine is very sadly for rent. This little tricky spot seemed like an option, until we came back to the boat an hour before low tide to find the dink hard…and I mean…hard aground. Those are rocks and they’re not underwater. We wandered around Hingham and wasted an hour by shagging a shower, finally tugging the little boat free about two hours after the low. We humbled ourselves to the Yacht Club members[…]

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