Retirement Day

A week ago today was Retirement Day. Again. And hooray! Unloading was the first order of business. James sold his bike via Craigslist, but mine didn’t get any serious bites. I took it to the local community center cum halfway house and left it there. A gift to someone. From there it was a last visit to the gym for showers (made less luxurious by a broken steam room, and yes, first world problems), topping off the water tanks with the last few gallons, coiling the hose and shore power cord, and releasing ourselves from the web that had held us in slip E05 at Watergate Pointe Marina, Annapolis, MD. To get to that point, we’d both put in a flurry of 40+ hour weeks at the paying jobs, completed the edits to the Southern Waterway Guide, finished Kiwi-Gripping the deck, replaced the old and worn gypsy for the windlass, rebuilt Flo, painted the forepeak…oh, and in the mix was a reading in NYC for Dena and James’ trip to Truth or Consequences, NM, for a one-woman show begun 35 years ago while the one-woman’s daughter was dating James – also a part of that aforementioned web. And then we went sailing. After being all bound up in these jobs and doing the right thing and getting all freaked out over that stupid shit, we sailed to Mill Creek, like we do, a familiar destination, the boat practically drives itself there. It doesn’t, of course, but it doesn’t take much thought or planning for us to do it. We’ve anchored there 5 times now and that’s what’s called local knowledge. We went to Cantler’s on the busiest day of their week at the busiest time of day (as the Goog helpfully informed us afterward)…in their busy season. It’s not a[…]

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