Gone Global

After a day at anchor in our favorite gunkhole in Jersey City we started to get a little paranoid about the safety of the dinghy, one of the main reasons I (James) hate our inflatable dinghy, I think about it too much. The free dock at the launch has been a low priority for the New Jersey Parks and Rec department for quite a few years now so the rusty spikes and birdshit cakes were enough to inspire us to think in terms of alternatives. We have been known to say (or perhaps “repeat ad nauseum” is more accurate) that the most dangerous thing to bring on a boat is an itinerary. This means that whenever we do have reason to be in a specific place at a specific time, we pad our travel with a couple extra adverse-weather days. This, in addition to repetition of the phrase “weather dependent” whenever talking to the friends/employers/etc, is our hedge against making bad decisions about getting underway when we should stay safe on the hook. This was one of those situations. We were early for the arrival of the Prakash family – Prakash, Lasitha (Lasi), and Madhumitha (Moumi). Moumi just started a master’s program at Columbia University, and her parents flew from Bangalore to NYC with her so that they could see her settled in her new apartment, signed into college, and supplied with necessities like a local sim card. Back to the boat. The only alternative to Jersey City that got us closer to our friends, rather than farther away, was the 79th St Boat Basin. We spent some time there once before, and it was pretty terrible then. Extraordinary currents made it terribly hard to row to shore or back to the boat whenever they were turned against us…and we[…]

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