New London to Baltimore

…One Giant Leap New London was the perfect place to duck in, provision up, and sit out a powerful fall nor’easter that blew up the river Thames like nothing we’d ever seen before! Humbling is a good word for it. The winds were well in excess of 40 knots for the worst part of that three day weather event and on the second night the waves rolling up the Thames were as fearsome as any ocean growlers we’ve seen on this coast! It was incredible, then it was over, and we sailed away. The weather window was just about as perfect as any late-fall Long Island Sound weather could get, so we opted for a straight shot west down the Sound with no stops before Port Washington. There was nothing for me (James) to take pictures of really, just wide open flat water with a mirage of land on either side of us. Our course throughout the day was just as uneventful, it took us straight down the middle of the Sound using the mighty currents to blast us west as much as possible before they turned around and fouled the ride and of course, that happened after sundown. By 0230 we were shagged off a ball in Port Washington, New York. For me (James), overnight passages are truly an incredible experience, the ships that pass through the night and how the wildlife seems to flee and the way the world changes all around you as the sun’s light circumnavigates away from you… And the sounds of the wind rising and dying through the rig hypnotized me into the rhythm of the world. Up and down, in and out, breathing without the fear of moving a 6 ton vessel through blackness. We slept and ate good food and once again,[…]

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