Learning my way…

Monkey Me...N18.56.741


Elevation 57’

I came to this place (India, my head) with very little in the order of expectations but of course I had some idea of what I wanted to find.

Day four, Mumbai…

It’s Sunday and this city is pretending to be quiet and pious but survival is still the order of the day. The monsoon reminds us that we are visitors and the gray shouldered crows wish that we were dead.

What have I found?

I have found that I am a white man with very little to offer and much to learn, I have found that I am still just a thief of images, and a stealthy one at that,

I have found that I really am still a monkey…

I have found that I truly love to be lost in a culture that will teach me everything that I need to know about me…

…Now my expectations have risen one level.


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