Hunkering Down…


It’s amazing how the time flies when one sets his mind to “the long haul”.

We started the re-build project on the port side saloon and just like that it’s been two weeks and now we have a great big hole where there used to be a port side saloon…

My birthday has come and gone.

The winter seems to never want to give way to spring but the inevitable longer days are forcing the old man to give a wide birth to the beautiful sailing weather ahead.

We are seeing India pass from the now to the safety of our distance memories and I can’t help but hold on with all my remaining strength to that beautiful place that taught me so much about reality, life, myself and the mass of humanity that invades my dreams.

The future…

…Is coming soon!!!



  1. It is amazing how time flies, only the other day you were pouring green tea over me in celebration of our friendship.haha The reality is I miss you both and the photo above shows me your all both look vibrant and wide eyed for whatever is next. Gombatte
    as my wife would say. I say Aloha and god bless

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