Gearing up for the big hair donation

It’s less than 3 weeks until I go under the clippers!

I’m excited, not nervous at all.  That shows my privilege, of course.  I’m not losing my hair to cancer treatments.  I don’t have to deal with the sense of powerlessness along with the feeling of air on my scalp.  And of course, it’ll grow back.

I’m getting a lot of kick-back on this…it’s amazing to me how much.  I interviewed for a job and was told that it was terribly unprofessional to shave my head bald.  The owner of the sailing club I was (yes, was) working for said, “Parents won’t trust their children to the club,” and “You’ll have to wear hats at work.”  I’m more determined than ever to go through with this.

The other not-so-great area is in the fundraising.  I’ve gotten some very surprising donations and I’m excited about every bit of it.  But I’m way behind my goal and would need some hefty figures to reach it.  Or a lot of little ones.  Hey – you know the math – every little bit helps if everyone gives a little.  A little or a lot – either way I’ll be thrilled.

For a lot of people, times are hard and charity is last in line for financial priorities.  Most of my friends, however, have been struggling most of their lives.  It always seems like $20 is a significant amount of money.  It is, and yet I’m still asking for it.

If you’re not comfortable giving the organization your personal information, I get that.  I don’t like being on mailing lists either.  There’s an alternative – send me the money on paypal and I’ll pass it along.  I can use your name or I can put it in as anonymous, whichever you prefer.  If that sounds good, send it to me under the email address

I’ve never done anything like this before, and I won’t be doing anything like this again.  Asking for money isn’t a comfortable thing for me.  So if you have any thought like “I’ll contribute next time”…please do it now.

(Old link is way dead, but google St. Baldrick’s if you’re interested in supporting them.)


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  1. Hi Dena & James,
    I just found you two on the computer. We met the end of October, 2002 at the Shoreline Motel in Port Orford. My husband, Bill and I left to go home to Pleasanton, CA. for a week. However,
    I’m sad to say that Bill had a heart attack the following Monday and died on Nov 22nd. My life turned upside down and now it’s been over 7 years.
    It sounds like you have had some marvelous times.
    Three of my granddaughters donated their hair after their other grandmother died from breast cancer 3 years ago. It was very touching watching their long hair being cut and saved. The little one was only 6.
    Are you living in the Bay Area? I’m still in Pleasanton and I sold the motel.
    Blessings to both of you,
    Alice Morrison

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