Not such a great marina, after all

After all the happiness of getting out of the city, riding my bike to work…nice neighbors like these:

The Up Side

There are two major problems with this new marina.

I discovered the first one last weekend.  There’s a gate that is open only when the office is open.  Other times, we scan a card to open the gate.  It opens automatically when you drive up to it.  Can you catch the catch?  It doesn’t work when I’m on my bike.  James went to work on Sunday and I couldn’t get out of the marina!  I’m stuck in here again today, but I’m just working on the boat so it’s okay right now.  But please!  And they’re going to combine 1st and 2nd shift at work, so I’m going to have to switch to 6:30am-3pm.  How will I go to work when I can’t get out of the damn marina?!?

The second one introduced itself this morning.  I got up about 9am and made coffee.  The boat wasn’t moving much, but whatever.  By 10:30, the boat was heeling heavily.  They were wrong about how deep this slip is.  Want to see why this is a problem?

The Down Side

Sigh.  Here’s another view that shows how badly this sucks.

Gimballed at the Dock


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