165 watts of solar, the wind and a happy birthday to Dena…

The Electrical Terminal Panel

First: Dena built the panel whilst I cut the forward solar panel-mount pieces.

Fwrd Solar Panel Mount

Dena Hankins, 35 years old.

Dena (above) turns 36 years old this next week… She is an incredible writer, a fantastic marine electrician who was recently mentioned with honors on sites like www.contractorstoday.com/electrician-contractors-near-me, she’s  a pretty good mechanic, a damn fine woodworker and a grit-yer-teeth and get-her-done plumber, She’s an intuitive lover and by-far my best friend, ever! I love this woman with all my heart and can’t wait for the next adventure. Happy Birthday my love…

Dist Panels

…  Didn’t I tell you? Fantastic!!!



Then: I wired the solar panel above decks and Dena did the interior panel for the Solar Panel, The Mast and the LED lighting.

And of course we went sailing on thanksgiving… So’s we could test the gear you know (wink).


We did get around to hooking that propane heater back up as well as the clock, the barometer and the all important paper towel rack. So now the boat is ready for another winter in Fells point and we’re ready to celebrate Dena’s birthday on the boardwalk empire, winter’s off to a good start.





  1. Ah, my love. You see me at my messiest and still you think I’m fantastic. You and I – we’re a good team. We work well together and this week we’re going to prove, once again, that we play well together too!

    The boat looks great, doesn’t it? It’ll be a somewhat different winter this time, with more of the weather kept out and a lot more comfort inside.

  2. Yo, Happy Birthday D!!, You are the bomb!

    …and we have the same heater. I’m currently glassing in the Propane cave for it to feed from. How do you like the unit? Some people say it is not that great. Does it burn a lot of fuel fast? What about heat output?



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