There’s Work to be Done

And we’re plugging into it. I (Dena) applied for, interiewed for, and got a job canvasing for Mainers for Marriage Equality.  Being as though you’re on this blog, I’d like to assume you know that means yay gay marriage, not sneaky code for marriage for only the “right sort” of people.  Yesterday was the interview and job offer, and today… We went sailing! Caught up on chores and with a job starting soon, we were able to turn our attention back to the most important thing.  We hadn’t had an opportunity to test the rig since we had the mast put back on, but today, the conditions were perfect.  Strong but not overly strong wind, warm but not blazing, and busy but not too many boats on the water. First off, we had to check out a new anchorage spot.  The general anchorage right off Portland’s Old Port is incredibly busy in the summer.  The ferries kick up a  lot of wake, but even more bouncing results from the dozens of pleasure boaters who don’t feel the need to keep their speeds down through the anchorage.  We got people motoring 10 feet off our stern kicking up a wake that would knock us over in the cabin. We weighed anchor and toddled further up river.  Nosing slowly into every spot that seemed like a possible spot to anchor, we made our way under the Casco Bay Bridge and into a strangely lovely industrial area.  Before long, we’d identified our new home and marked it on the chart.  It was time for fun! We hoisted sail at the mouth of the Fore River where it meets Casco Bay. Even though the day was perfect, we started off with two reefs in the sail, making sure not to overstress the rig in[…]

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