The Run Of The River

Ok so I turned 50… As we’ve said so many times before in these pages Dena and I are lucky, we both have our birthdays in the off seasons so we get to spend them in our favorite places pretty much by ourselves. This year we spent mine in P-Town, Cape Cod, Mass. It was awesome… We had the run of the place! Dena shot this picture of me taking a picture of the Provincetown tower with my dumb phone and the shot she took was so much better than the shot I got that we had to publish it… if for no other reason than its po/mo stature and the fact that it’s a great shot. So much for that. …But today, we went sailing and once again we were the first boat off the dock for the spring-time and again, we had the run of the river! It was a beautiful (almost warm) Sunday and we were all by ourselves heading up the Hudson River to check out some potential anchorages for the summer. The winds were gentle from abaft heading up river with the tide and we were truly in our element, it was so spectacular that we were just, ok I’ll say it, giddy! We saw a bunch of very cool shit including this awesome fully-rigged Tallship from Amsterdam moored-up next to the (totally stupid) downtown Manhattan driving range. …Makes for surreal photography though, that’s for sure. When we got up this morning we were both just a touch hungover from a little game that we played last night… (You see, we went to see the movie “Noah” and we brought a flask of good single-malt Scotch whiskey with us. The game was this; every time they said something ridiculously religious we would drink from the[…]

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