Ugh, I (once again) hate wage slavery!


Here we are, getting up before the sun, riding to the gym, working all day within a few paces of each other and more or less resigning ourselves to our particular version of the long term grind…

…And then it snapped inside me, it really did,

I hate newly manufactured packaged consumer capitalism!

It’s disgusting!!


It might have been the evil abrasions that appeared on my uvula shortly after starting the job that threw me into a rage about my position in the evil cycle of 21st century American consumerism, I don’t know, but…

…Take a piece of equipment, okay, let’s just say a shackle, it gets made by a person (most likely) operating a machine and zip tied to a plastic sign/rack hanger-thingy. Then that shackle goes into a plastic bag, into a very large box full of shackles, they get craned, shipped half way around the planet, craned again, trucked, flown, trained, trucked again, hand-trucked, unpacked, sold and ultimately replaced for no other reason than the boater was replacing the line the “old” shackle was attached to.

Oh yeah, and all that petroleum-based packaging that got dragged along the way? Well, it either went into the ground or in the ocean somewhere!

Then there’s the fact, yes fact, that most of the labor that is shipped offshore to international manufacturing countries is abused, overworked, under-paid and often, under the age of ten.

This is not some revelation to me but it suddenly became too much of a contrast with the rest of my life…

…which is extraordinary.



…And beautiful.

So I quit and got a job selling recycled marine hardware.

(Not exactly in that order)


I haven’t even started yet but it feels so much better.




  1. Oh, thank goodness. Excellent decision. We all feel better about that move, I have a huge wave of empathic relief.
    Now back to your beautiful and extraordinary life.

  2. Hey Brah,
    I’m glad to see you writing, I can’t say enough to explain how I might respond to you, about your ………GREAT Story. I’m in no position any different opinion, only to say Whatever you ever need. I.ll try my ass off to help ypu. Still coming to see you this summer. Where ever that my be. As Always, Aloha to you both.\nnn/

  3. That woman is awesome, can you imagine siting around the table having a conversation with her? You see that sometimes, a lot of steps have been taken in a direction and then someone comes along and leaps so far ahead it all sounds new. She has great vision. Thanks for the link Devon, I love it.

  4. Devon,
    We are in Annapolis Maryland…
    In a big way, thanks for the link!!!
    We’ve been big fans of Ellen for many years!
    I get kind of nervous just thinking about what you two talked about!
    That is so cool!

  5. (Dean, I find that completely unsurprising. I like smart girls, sapiosexual all the way. Brave, kind, feminist, imaginative, doing something interesting with gender…sound appealing?)

  6. Kate, sounds very appealing. Someone you would want to know and be around when the sex is over.

    PC—— useful muscle.

  7. Wow, Dude you stired the nest. For me …. uh yea and um no . Back to us, can’t wait to see you. Stay safe and Aloha

  8. Kate, yes the PC is a useful muscle. so is a toe …. James, back to you. Is there some thing I can bring for you from Hawaii ? Not weed… Maybe ,um Blonde and with big tits??????? Fuck in around, really Wait …blond with big tits…is me….WTF?????

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