Just a perfect springtime sail

Hitting the ground running meant feeling almost as if the last five months didn’t exist, almost…

Oh Woodwind Again

Of course, the fact that every bite I take doesn’t feel like an ice-pick to the eye socket does proclaim (with bugles) that our eastern hemisphere adventures were indeed a raging success. It’s good to be right about that kind of thing. Although my new teeth are most definitely not painful in any way, they are, how do I put this…not real, meaning completely different in every way, and very weird. So, at this stage of my oral recovery I have to say; if you’re suffering from an infection triggering a genetic, bone-dissolving oral disorder I recommend you move to India for a few months, get all your teeth removed and replace them with some (drilled-n-torqued-in) porcelain implants… It’ll do ya good! (wink)

I (James) went back to work, found my niche and fell upon my burden as if a single second hadn’t even passed, three days later, we pulled up the hook and went sailing!


…My favorite kind, reaching with the sails full in a fair current with absolutely nowhere to go.


We tacked a few times just to keep our chops wet then headed back in to try out the anchorage around the back-side of Watergate Pointe. We stayed there overnight but the spring cleaning project is calling us both so back to Dock-B we went.



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