Flash Cooling

Just cut her up and throw her in the dumpster...

Like most folks in these latitudes we were quite literally hunkering down for the dog days when, like a cruel glimmer of hope, the quicksilver took a southern dive!

…And again, until the forecast promised us that unknown, unknown, that I’ll-Never-Trust-NOAA-Again-If-It-Rains-On-This-Day, that myth, that legend, that perfect painting day at the end of July in the Chesapeake Bay!

…I shit you not.



The dew-point never came up Staturday night so Sunday morning was cool and dry and just begging us to tape, role and tip, so we did.

We’ve been working on the cockpit since we got back from India and it’s a great big deal so we jumped on that first.


So far (above right) we’ve got two coats of Mega-Corp ‘White’ on it and she’s looking pretty good but the real shocker came when we sanded, taped, rolled and tipped the trunkhouse cabin topsides, wow…


Holy shit, she’s a brand new boat!

I’m kidding, we still have to slop on at least one more coat to give us even a  *”20-foot-rule” thumbs up but this tiny digital medium is such a lie that it’s fun to play with!

Anyway, we got lots of great work done and then went for a beautiful row around Back Creek right before sunset.

Once again, simply sublime.


(*) The 20 foot rule is when your boat looks perfect when inspecting it from at least 20 feet away.


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  1. WheeeWhew!
    Can you wolf wistle at a boat? Don’t mean to harbor harrass her, but that babe is lookin good!

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