We fix our shit

Stonington, Connecticut, has a really shitty anchorage! Like in most of New England, all the good anchor spots are littered with moorings, most being empty this time of year. But Stonington is a special kind of shitty. The town is protected from a substantial Atlantic Ocean roller by three breakwaters. One is south of the town waterfront about a half a kilometer offshore. A second breakwater about the same size as the big one offshore is located west of town protecting the village from those big sou’easterlies that roar up Long Island Sound in the summer. The third one is much closer to town and protects the inner harbor and all the marine industry. The one place left for a traveling sailboat to anchor isn’t protected by any of the breakwaters. It’s wide open to both the aforementioned weather elements that used to make it a crappy place to live. With a dead engine and a fucked up self-steering system our choices were pretty limited. Fortunately for us, our friend Jimmy (the same guy who sailed up to Point Judith in the last post) was happy to help us out. We had two days of intense weather at anchor from all the directions left unprotected by Stonington’s fancy-schmance breakwaters, so we ordered a new (and a spare) fuel pick-up pump off the internet and had it sent to Jimmy’s place in Noank just a few clicks up the highway. The Monitor project came first, since it shouldn’t (please) require any parts. I (Dena) was worried we’d lose the circlip that had to be removed so that we could take the lower teflon bearing out. Once that bearing was out, we’d have full freedom to realign the gears. In preparation for the project, we pulled out the bag of Monitor spare[…]

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