The Invisible Amount of Money

The slow circumnavigation of a 30′ electric sailboat holds a real excitement for people, especially since we can’t find any other sailboats who have done it or are ahead of us. We’ve gone ahead and started a Patreon account where you can cheer us on and be part of proving that electric propulsion is a viable part of the sailor’s future.

We’re asking for financial support to help us make this voyage happen. You can help us sail and motor around the world without buying or burning diesel for propulsion. Huzzah! Ditching diesel is a huge step, and our environmental and practical reasons for going electric are covered on this blog and in our Patreon posts, so dig in to past posts and stay tuned for more.

What is an invisible amount of money? For one of our friends, it is $10. She’s giving us that each month and we will use it gratefully for bread in the Azores. Another has pledged $15, which will keep Beluga Greyfinger happily fed. A former customer turned friend and a complete stranger have each decided that $5 is what they can easily provide…great gifts! And a very old friend and connection, with more resources at his disposal than most, has signed up to drop $100 on us each month.

Some people know exactly where every dime goes every month because there are never enough of them to cover all their needs. We aren’t asking for that money. It’s the $10, $20, $50, $100…hell, we’ll be thrilled if someone is willing to sign up at $500…that isn’t budgeted for anything else, that won’t create discomfort in life or discord in marriage (ha!), yes, please.

We’ve set off on this electric sailboat circumnavigation with the thrill and care we bring to all our voyages. Help us make an enduring reality out of this current excitement.

James' first watch with the new tiller

Our Patreon posts are, so far, a combination of day-in-the-life and the nitty gritty details of first converting this 40-year-old boat from a diesel to an electric auxiliary and now testing it out. Because we’re us, we’re not locking our posts on Patreon. We want to encourage all sailors to join this new club of electric travelers and hard data is scarce. By the time we’ve gone around the world, we will have posted years of information like this last one:

“After 6 hours and 22 minutes, we’d gone 23.7 NM at an average of 3.78 knots and used 25% (57 Ah) of our capacity. The solar logged 710 Wh while underway in partly cloudy conditions. We had F2-F3 winds on the starboard beam and a mild swell. We left Marathon and arrived at the Channel Five bridge both with mild favorable currents.”

We’ve built an amazing data collection facility on S/V SN-E Cetacea and, if you know us, you know we’re serious about our proofs. Over the last year we proved to each other once again that we that we genuinely prefer to sail when at all possible…and that means everywhere. And to prove that, we’re going to go everywhere we can go on this planet in this tiny electric sailboat and we sure could use your help. Our Patreon account.

Beluga Greyfinger on the boom

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