Both Trash and Treasure

In a week, I will have quit this apartment managing job. I will be in Seattle for the last time for a very long time. In two weeks, I will have experienced Independence Day in Mumbai. Hopefully, I will have a shalwar kameez!

But today, I’m in a barren apartment. I am going to ship another ebay sale and the 100lb suitcase of memories – almost all belonging to James. All my life, I’ve kept my memories tidy, ready to move. If I leave them behind now, it’s more to keep them dry and safe than because they are heavy or bulky. and the world has caught up with me. Now, all my photos and all my music and all my writings mass no more than a couple of pounds, incorporeally suffused through an external hard drive and backed up on a dozen or so discs, which will be shipped with my more hard-copy memories. An 8-year-old’s autobiography, a couple of college essays, some childhood photos, and little more. Both trash and treasure.

Dad, Matt, and I


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